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Doug Hyde

In 2002, Doug Hyde was a young artist painting pictures for his family and friends in his spare time. In 2005, he was named as the UK’s best selling published artist and described as the UK’s most popular living artist on a BBC TV national news broadcast. In 2014 Doug celebrated the 10th anniversary of this accolade and a decade of extraordinary success.

Debbie Boon

The beguiling wildlife paintings of Debbie Boon are inspired by two passions; the sheer joy of bringing a blank canvas to life through painting, and the delight gained from observing and representing the striking (and sometimes quirky) rural characters and vast blue skies of Eastern England. Her stated aim in her work is “ to reflect life and all its visual personality.”

Kerry Darlington

Kerry Darlington is one of the most sought after and influential artists at work in the UK and a major figure on the international art scene.

Her published works are described as ‘unique editions’ as they combine a printed element with original art. Kerry creates small 3D additions which are hand-worked individually and adhered to the print. The background is also hand embellished, and all the work has resin hand-applied.

Peter Smith

Peter Smith, the award winning international contemporary artist, creator of one of the UK's most collectable artwork and famous for his prints and sculptures featuring the striped rotund characters called the 'Impossimals'.

David Shepherd

David Shepherd, CBE is known internationally as one of the world's leading wildlife artists. He is also a passionate conservationist and he freely admits that he owes all his success to the animals he paints. Prolific in output as a painter of not only wildlife but portraits, landscapes, aviation, military subjects and steam railways. Please browse our collection of limited edition prints by this legendary artist.

Jamie Boots

Originally from New Zealand, Jamie is a self taught artist whose work is produced in graphite pencil. The finest detail is achieved by etching fur or skin texture into the paper and then etching over the top of it with darker tones of pencil.

Jennifer Hogwood

It is all about whimsical highland cows with this fun loving artist.

Paul Horton

Paul Horton has worked his way up from a struggling artist to a hugely successful name in contemporary art. He has become renowned for the wonderful array of characters and street scenes, offering universal themes that appeal to people of all ages and in all walks of life. Paul has often been described as a modern day Lowry with many of his paintings becoming instantly recognisable.

Mackenzie Thorpe

Mackenzie Thorpe has become one of the world's most collected and sought after artists. His works express an entire range of human emotion, from the special bond of love and friendship, to the importance of self-reflection and individual triumphs.

Sir William Russell Flint

In December 1969, Sir William Russell Flint died, aged 89, leaving behind one of the finest and most sought after collections of watercolours.

His talent with both the watercolour medium and his skill in depicting the female form created a hallmark style which has become legendary.

Iain Faulkner

Iain Faulkner was born in Glasgow in 1973. He graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1996 with a BA (Honours) Degree in Fine Art.

From the onset of his professional art career, Iain Faulkner chose to concentrate on figurative painting. His draughtsmanship and painterly skills have brought him many admirers and success both from British and American art collectors. He now enjoys an international reputation.

Jack Vettriano

The artwork of Jack Vettriano has captivated art lovers for over twenty years. During that time interest in Vettriano’s work has grown consistently. There have been sell-out solo exhibitions in Edinburgh, London, Hong Kong and New York.

Rebecca Lardner

Rebecca Lardner's artwork is Influenced by the southwest and its coastline, her recent oil paintings on canvas depict life at the sea, especially harbours using blues, greens and subtle tones to depict the scene. Rebecca is constantly exhibiting in a range of top galleries in the UK and her work is collected throughout Europe, America and other reaches of the world.

Gary Benfield

Gary Benfield is swiftly becoming one of the country’s most renowned contemporary voices, feted for both his virtuosity and his versatility. His paintings represent a world of objects which combine figures, mythology, cities, nature, and still life.

While his work appears to be spontaneous with drawn lines and dashes of colour, it is lovingly and meticulously composed, and there is hidden symmetry and beauty beneath the layers of finery. The background to his paintings is characteristically soft and some of his recent work has drawn comparison with the sketches of Leonardo, combining sepia, pencil and subtle colour.

Danielle O'Connor Akyiama

Painting with an uninhibited vigour and freedom, Danielle creates luminous images that vibrate with life, energy and colour. Whether she is depicting a riotous party of flowers or inviting us to enter a radiant new world of abstraction, her vibrant palette, loose formal structure and unique vocabulary of signs and symbols make her work both instantly recognisable and utterly irresistible.

Jonathan Waterhouse

Award-winning artist John Waterhouse is one of Britain’s most talented and versatile oil painters. His highly acclaimed paintings range from mountains shrouded in mist to exquisitely portrayed female figures, and reflect his passion for the beauty he sees in people, places and objects.

Keith Proctor

Keith has been painting for over thirty years, first with watercolours and pastels then later moving on to oils. As a child he was influenced by his father who told him: “Never draw a straight line; always break lines up when you sketch and paint - make your marks interesting”. Advice that the young Keith took to heart and has never forgotten.

Tom Butler

Tom Butler creates his showstopping collages using a whole range of materials; in his imaginative hands a section of a crossword puzzle may become a block of flats, a wine bottle, or a church spire, and this unique approach adds intrigue, resonance and a touch of humour to every scene.

Online Catalogue |  Gallery Artists